Voyage à Stratford-upon-Avon, les spé anglais sur les traces de Shakespeare


Antoine, Shaina, Charlotte Camille

The first day was absolutely incredible. We arrived in the small town of Stratford. The famous city of Shakespeare. We discovered the magnificent place of the author's childhood. Shakespeare slept in a busy bed with his siblings. In the afternoon we visited the house of Shakespeare and his wife. It was too pretty; the garden was very pleasant. We even had the right to sun accompanied by the results of the Baccalaureate. An afternoon that ends with a nice walk in the pretty town of Stratford. We were able to discover the rather refined English architectural style and culture by stopping in some very nice shops and places in the city.

After Stratford. We spent a short day in Birmingham. First of all, we went to visit the Birmingham Science Museum, it was absolutely huge. We learned a lot of things about aviation, trains, electricity, medicine, biology, geology, and architecture. Then we had lunch and then took the road to the center of Birmingham. The entire afternoon was free, so we walked the pretty streets of the city. We went shopping and drank a grenadine in front of a great viewpoint to rest.

On the last day we went to London to see the beautiful Big Ben and its neighbor, the London Eye. We had a rough cruise on the Thames, and we have seen the London Bridge. In the afternoon, we went to the Globe Theater to see one of Shakespeare’s famous plays “The Tempest”. This amazing day ends with a chill walk in the huge city of London, we had the occasion to observe the particular architecture of the streets, we made a lot of pictures of the phone booths and the double decker red buses.

Finally, the most important thing to conclude this beautiful trip: the weather was catastrophic, it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was very strong. Above all, memories inked forever.